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How does a cat tracker work? How cellular trackers work. A module is attached to a pet's collar. The module has a chip in it that is used to determine the location of the pet. An app is used to show the pet's location on a map.

Are cat trackers any good? There are a few great qualities of the cat tracker. They measure battery life in months rather than hours. The only things they have going for them are those. The weakest option is a wireless tracker.

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You can set a safe area for your pet and use the app to keep an eye on it. You can call your pet home with a remote voice monitor. You can use your own collar if their collar doesn't fit your pet. The tracker works with long distance wireless technologies and can be used to trace pets. › Check Price Now


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If you don't like this product, SPY SEE OPEN YOUR EYES will either replace it or give you a full refund. The anti lost alarm can be used to protect your kids pets and valuables from being lost or stolen within 75 feet of your phone, and it will ring for a warning when you are out of this range. The battery in the box can last for a long time, thanks to the built in low consumption wireless technology. › Check Price Now

TrackerONE 8541746507

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The New RF Technology works indoors and outdoors with a 600 meters line of sight. A splash case is provided. › Check Price Now


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The tracker can be accessed from a short message service, or through a mobile app. A gps tracker can be named in underground or tunnel where AGPS is. › Check Price Now


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The unit will send a message to the authorized number when it violates the district's geo fence. The unit can be accessed via the APP or Website and monitored for its location movement speed route history and much more. Please confirm there is 2G cellular coverage in your area and you can get a sim card which supports 2G cellular from. › Check Price Now


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The waterproof Pet tracker is the only one you will ever need that gives you the peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy. The collar is waterproof but the tracker body is not. It can record the pet's location within 3 months. › Check Price Now

Girafus 227PA-1

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You can choose the Tag quantity you need. The range is up to 500 Metres and the other trackers have a range of less than 500 feet. You can find your beloved pet with the RF tracker of Girafus, which works in and outdoors. › Check Price Now


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The device is water resistant and has a 6 month battery life. › Check Price Now

Whistle TAGG3W

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It's not recommended for dogs under 10 lbs. Track your pet with an award winning gps pet tracker that will send you text and email when your pet gets out. › Check Price Now

Can I trace my cat with a microchip? If a cat goes missing, a chip in it's body cannot be used to find it or to track it down. The chip doesn't require charging as there isn't a battery.

Is microchipping painful for cats? The procedure is very simple and painless. Once the procedure is done, your cat will not be aware of the chip.

Can I put a tracker on my cat? You can track your cat's movements on a real time map with the Weenect Cats 2 app. The cat tracker collar allows you to find your pet when you're out and about.

Can I buy a tracker for my cat? The cat tracking collar is designed for cats. Not children, not dogs. It's a fully integrated, flexible safety gps cat collar.

Can you put a tile on your cat? The solution to your problems is Tile's cat tracker. You can find your cat with a Tile Pro, Tile Sticker, or Tile Mate. You can put the tracker on a cat collar. Our small trackers are small enough that your kitty might not even know it's there.

Is there an app to track your pet's microchip? Is there an app to check a chip? There is no app to download on your phone to detect a chip. The reason is that microchips don't have a power source of their own.

Where do cats go during the day? Cats walk about for days or weeks at a time. They are very good at looking after themselves and can get hold of food. They find shelter under buildings, sheds, cars, and even people's homes.


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