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What is a cat food puzzle? Puzzle feeders are objects that hold food and must be manipulated to release it. These help meals last longer, increase physical exertion needed to obtain food, and provide a fun 'brain-teaser' for your cat!

Do cat food puzzles work? Many cats are kept indoors because they are natural foragers, which can lead to a host of behavioral and health problems. Food puzzles are effective at staving off many of these problems. They can keep your cat active.

Before you see products for cat below, see our tought about cat scratching post for indoor cats, our recommendation of cat toys for bored indoor cats, also cat product and a guide for cat litter box.


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The funny cat treat dispensers toy will attract your cat to move the ferris wheel to get the treat and encourage healthy activity and feeding. Double rotation adds more fun for your cats and training them. › Check Price Now


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Dog puzzle toys and dog interactive toys with food promote slower eating which is healthier for your pet. The design on the bottom makes it easy to clean. If you are looking for dog games for small or medium size dogs, the Sparkfire Interactive Dog Toy is a great choice. Dogs slowly enjoy the food while avoiding the dog getting too large so that they get healthy and fun. › Check Price Now

PetsPro DS-CT0001

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Cats can be made to enjoy the food while avoiding the cat over eating so that they get healthy and fun. The puzzle toy is made from non toxic material and is safe for your dog to play with. A multi functional puzzle cat toy with maze treat food dispensers is a good way to keep your cat full of energy and improve intelligence. › Check Price Now

Cat Amazing

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It is an ultimate gift for cat owners. Cats and their owners can play together for hours with the award winning puzzle box. › Check Price Now

Cat Amazing DE-Z1107-Y182

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It is recommended for mental stimulation and physical exercise as well as slower eating weight loss and meal management more activity and enrichment than a treat ball or dispensers!. The interactive cat toy puzzle keeps cats and kittens active and playing for hours. › Check Price Now


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The interactive game is fun for your cat to play. › Check Price Now

Petstages 69581

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For beginners, place the treats in the cups for easier play; for increased difficulty, place the treats in the hole of the peg piece so cats have to slide the peg to reach the treats. Cats can find hidden treats by batting the pegs and swatting the rain drops. › Check Price Now


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There is no need to assemble the products because the edges are made into arcs. The cat toy is cute and has a transparent cover that makes it attractive to the cat. When the ball rotates counterclockwise the outlet is opened and the snack will fall out, but when it is turned clockwise it will not move forward. When you go home after work or school there will be times when you want to play with cats but feel tired. The cat needs to be protected from eating fast food because it is harmful to the cat's health. The idea of a cat and mouse toy is to meet the needs of cats for hunting and playing. › Check Price Now


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Cats love playing with their cat toys, and the dual rolling balls design makes them happy. The funny cat treat dispensers toy is made of high quality material and is safe for your cat. After each use, rinse it in soap water. › Check Price Now


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The bell inside will make a sound when it rotates its direction, and snacks will randomly drop when pets play with it. The dog and cat puzzle toy can be used to improve the pet's intelligence and to protect the pet's diet. The toy is sturdy and safe for pets to play with and will increase their physical fitness. › Check Price Now

Are puzzle toys good for cats? Cat puzzle toys are a great way to encourage your pet's natural instincts, engage their brains, and exercise their bodies. It may take a few tries to find the perfect toy for the cat.

Should I get my cat a puzzle feeder? Puzzle feeders can help. A puzzle is a toy. The study showed that cats who use food puzzles are more fit and happier than cats who use a regular food bowl. They had less behavioral problems.

Is my indoor cat happy? Cats live in a stress-free environment indoors. Some may argue that a cat needs more stimulation in order to live a happy life. If your cat doesn't get enough exercise, he may become overweight or obese. Some cats might have behavioral issues.

How much should cats eat everyday? It's easy to over feed them because their nutrition needs are lower. How much food does your cat need? That's a question that should be answered by a professional who can give you recommendations on how much to eat a day to keep cats at a normal weight.

Do cats like water near their food? Cats are programmed not to drink water near their food or toileting area because they are afraid of gettingbacteria from their water. Cats prefer ceramic, glass or metal bowls because plastic bowls can taint the water.

Do cats like puzzles? A new review says it's easy to make a cat's life more interesting with a food puzzle. Food puzzles make cats work for their food.

How do you make a cat puzzle box? The only thing you need is an egg carton. Put food in a carton and let your cats play with it. If you want to give your cat a better chance of getting the food, you can either cut some larger holes or leave the box open.


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