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Why do cats prefer certain owners? Communication may be the reason a cat gravitates towards one person. Cats are often portrayed as independent, but they are also communicators and have a special appreciation for people who can understand their needs.

Why do cats take things? Your cat may steal items because she wants to play or get your attention. Most people think that people are talking about dogs when they say their pets have stolen items from them. Cats are known to move or remove items around the house.

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Tewene sofa covers are made of high quality fabric with a little velvet which is soft and smooth to the touch and not easy to collect hair or pets fur. Tewne sectional sofa cover is easy to set up and clean. Please measure your sofa before purchasing the size of sofa cover that is larger than the size of the sofa to tuck the sofa cover in the back and front of the couch to hold it in place. › Check Price Now


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The pencil wrap fits colored pencils and even art paint brushes. The perfect travel accessory, it's perfect for storing and transporting your pens and pencils with style and class. › Check Price Now


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The patch iron on is made from high quality material. The animal patch has aesthetical and delicate details combined with high density and bright colored needles. If you don't like your jacket please return it for a full refund. › Check Price Now

Blooming lilies

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The mini pet cat kids crafts sewing kits include non woven fabrics, plastic safety needles, accessories, and a manual. The sewing kit comes with a plastic needle and all felt which is pre cut and hole punched. Get your kids away from their electronic gadgets and use their best creative juices. The educational sewing kit is perfect for young kids. › Check Price Now

Zoey's Art

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This kit has everything you need to make with a fun read along book. Children are taught the beginning principles of sewing. › Check Price Now

Door Buddy DB-DOG-GDSC

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The pet door strap allows the door to open wide so cats can easily enter or exit, but at the same time keep it narrow so dogs can't get in. Door Buddy allows you to put a dog proof cat litter box and dog proof cat feeding station in your house, while giving cats a space of their own. The lock unlock latch makes it easy to get to the room. Door Buddy is a great solution for dog proof litter boxes and cat feeders. The product is made in the USA by a small family run company that cares about you the customer. The door strap and door stop is a simpler way to keep the dog out of the room with the litter box. › Check Price Now

The Cat Ladies

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Their cat grass planter kits are easy to grow and will grow up to 4 in just 7 days. Their cat grass growing kit includes a planter mug, soil disk seeds, and simple instructions. Your cat deserves the best, their cat grass blend contains important vitamins and minerals and is a great treat. Their cat grass is good for cats and their humans because it deters cats from eating toxic household plants and it is also good for humans because it is good for them. › Check Price Now

NOYAL DC022-Yellow

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The cat window hammock is Breathable Oxford Cloth Plastic and will keep the cat's body temperature down. It is easy to clean, the cover easily comes off. The Noyal Cat Hammock is easy to install and can be hung from windows or sliding glass doors. › Check Price Now


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When you are done brushing your pet, simply click the fur ejection button and the excess hair will fall off the brush. Hertzko will give you a full refund of your money if you don't like their Self Clean Deshedding Brush within 30 days of purchase. The Deshedding tool works on dogs and cats with all sizes and hair types. › Check Price Now

LEGO 6333103

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The Secret holder is a great everyday gift for boys and girls of all ages. The LEGO DOTS Secret Holder 41924 kit has a box with 2 secret compartments, a storage tray, and tiles that can be decorated with pattern ideas on the packaging and instructions. › Check Price Now

Do cats eat their litter? Cats may eat litter for a variety of reasons. pica is the eating of non-food items. A mother abandoning her kittens may be the cause of pica, which can manifest itself in nursing behavior.

Do indoor cats get depressed? A cat that is lonely, depressed or anxious can develop unwanted qualities such as scent marking in the house, toileting anywhere it feels but its litter box, over grooming, scratching furniture, doors, carpets and even going off its food.

What do cats think when we kiss them? Some cats seem to like being kissed. If your cat leans in and rubs his head on you when you kiss him, he understands that you're trying to show him affection.

Why do cats rub their face on you? The scent of cats is transferred when they rub against objects. Your cat head-butting or nuzzling your face deposits smell from their cheek area. As you prepare to feed them, their weaving through your legs transfers scent from their sides to you.

Do cats have a favorite person? Do cats like people? Cats have a favorite person. It's most likely going to be the person who provides the most. Every cat is different and who they choose as their favorite person might not make sense to you.

Why does my cat reach his paw out to me? It can be a request for attention or a gesture of affection. Cats reach out when they want to talk. Cats will often encourage you to play with them.

Why do cats walk in circles before they lay down? Our feline friends like to repeat this bedding ritual frequently because they are focused on sleep. They circle around and lie down for a nap. If the hunt was unsuccessful, wild cats would sleep. Naps were important either way.


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